• "Ein kleines Puppenspiel" is a short cinematic live performance that resembles a modern day digital puppet play. We follow the path owhitef a slightly abstract human (controlled by digital strings) that, after having breakfast, starts working its machine. The machine issues commands to a real life performer, that in turn starts controlling a small character someplace inside of the virtual environment by means of a custom designed motioncapture suit.
    The different layers of control that hold together the digital and the physical world continuously fade away over the course of the performance.

  • The first version of "ein kleines Puppenspiel" has been developed as a modification to the computer game Unreal Tournament 2004 by Epic Games. The goal was to show a different way of using 3D game technology, both in terms of interaction and visual style. The interfaces used to control first puppet are GameTrak controllers, the Motion-Capture suit to control the dancing puppet has been developed by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner Wilson. More information on the suit can be found at the Puppeteer website.

    An open-source version of the play is currently in development, using the to-be-released Open-Source version of Moviesandbox.

  • May 2008 - ITFS Stuttgart - Thanks to Uli Wegenast and Moritz Hirchenhain.
  • November 2007 - CyNet Art Dresden - Thanks to TMA Hellerau, Thomas Dumke, Anja Dietel.